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Bernard Buffet

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Bernard  Buffet

Bernard Buffet is the master of miserabilism, his style is powerful, sharp, nervous, addresses the wide range of subjects, inspired by Western culture as Eastern culture: Christ, Joan of Arc, bullfighting, Venice, New York , the French Revolution, but also Japan ...

Featured Piece

Bernard  Buffet La Baule

La Baule
Mourlot Posters & Lithographs


Bernard  Buffet La Baule
La Baule
Mourlot Posters & Lithographs  
Bernard  Buffet Coca Cola
Coca Cola
Mourlot Posters & Lithographs  
Bernard  Buffet Galerie Matignon (before lettering)
Galerie Matignon (before lettering)
Mourlot Posters & Lithographs  
Bernard  Buffet Galerie Maurice Bernier
Galerie Maurice Bernier
Mourlot Posters & Lithographs  
Bernard  Buffet Galerie Maurice Garnier_ St. Tropez
Galerie Maurice Garnier, St. Tropez
Mourlot Posters & Lithographs  
Bernard  Buffet Moulin
Mourlot Posters & Lithographs  



Bernard  Buffet

Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet Biography

Born July 10, 1928 in Paris, the Batignolles district, son of Charles Buffet and Blanche Colombe.
Student at the Lycée Carnot in 1939 to 1943.
In 1943, he studied drawing at evening classes Place des Vosges, between December and then at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris where he remained for two years. He then decided to work alone.
In 1945 he won the prize shop work.
In 1946 he exhibited his first painting, a portrait at the Salon of less than thirty years at the Galerie des Beaux Arts, Bordeaux.
In 1947 he exhibited "Man leaning" independent of the show in December and held his first exhibition by Pierre Descargues at the Library of Art organized by Printing Guy and Michel Brient Weeleni.
For the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Raymond Cogniat buy him a painting "Still life with chicken."
In April 1948, for the price of young painters in DrouantDavid (Paris), Bernard Buffet presents a picture, "The drinker". He does not get the price, but Dr. Girardin, a large contemporary art collector defends his painting with passion and attracts the attention of Emmanuel on this younger artist.
Later, Emmanuel David offers to Bernard Buffet Bernard to join his gallery with an exclusive contract.
In June, the Gallery Sain-Placide in Paris, he won the Critics Prize tied with Bernard Lorjou.
In July, an exhibition of his works will take place in this Gallery and presents "The mender of nets" at the Salon d'Automne.
On November 23, 1948, he married Agnes Nanquette.
In 1949 Pierre Descargues publishes "Bernard Buffet" to literary press in France.
In 1950, he is one of the founding members knew Exhibition of young painters organized by Pierre Descargues. He separates from his wife in July.
In 1953, Louis Aragon published on the occasion of these exhibitions, in French literature, an article with the entitled "The Landscape four centuries and Bernard Buffet twenty-four years."
In 1955 he won first place in the referendum organized by the magazine "Knowledge of the Arts' pointing the ten best painters of the postwar period. He painted the models of the sets and costumes for "room "Argument of Georges Simenon who becomes his friend.
In 1958, the first retrospective of his work at the Galerie Charpentier in Paris. Pierre Bergé publishes "Bernard Buffet ". He married with Annabel Schwob the December 12 in Ramatuelle.
In 1961, he painted a series of paintings depicting the life of Christ designed to decorate the chapel Château l'Arc. Ten years later, at the request of Archbishop Pasquale Macchi, secretary of Pope Paul VI, Bernard Buffet will offer these paintings for the Vatican Museum where they are exposed in a room particulière.
Between 1962 and 1962 he began afther of two girls.
In 1964, Maurice Druon published "Bernard Buffet" Legends of Annabel Buffet, Luc Fournol images. From 1965 to 1971 he lived alternately in Paris and Brittany.
In May 1971 he was named Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. And during the same year, on May 13, birth of his son
On November 25, 1973, inauguration of the Bernard Buffet Museum, founded by Kiichiro Okano, at the Surugadaira Japan.
Elected to the Academy of Fine Arts March 13, 1974.
In 1978, at the request of the Post Office, Bernard Buffet makes a model for a patch three francs' Institute and the Pont des Arts. On this occasion the Postal Museum in Paris presents an exhibition retrospective of his works.
In 1986, he bought the field of Baume near Tourtour in the Haut-Var who becomes his main resident for the rest of his life.
Annabel publishes "love and fresh water." from the book "Bernard Buffet " of Yann Le Pichon, which in two volumes and obtain the Elie Faure Prize.
In 1988, inauguration of the extension of Bernard Buffet Museum Surugadaira Japan.
Alin Alexis Avila publishes "Bernard Buffet".
In 1991, he created a model for a stamp of twenty-five francs seventy cents, at the request of Administration of the Territory of French Southern and Antarctic.
In 1993 he was promoted to Knight of Arts and Letters.
In 1997, the symptoms of Parkinson's disease appear, so, On October 4, 1999, unable to paint, Bernard Buffet decided to end his life in Tourtour (Var)

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